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Most medical professionals consider flu season to align with the colder months of fall into winter, sometimes stretching into the beginning of spring.
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hat is the essential list of immediate life threats with specific antidotes that we must know for the ED patient with a seizure?

A great medical team to help your needs

When you work in the medical field, you will most likely be working side by side with other healthcare workers. Years ago, patients may have been cared for by a single doctor. But medicine has changed in the last few decades. Today, patients are rarely cared for by just one medical professional.Whether you plan to become a doctor, physician assistant, nurse or other allied health professional, you need to be able to work well as part of a team. If you are still a student, it’s not too early to learn effective teamwork. In fact, the sooner you become a team player, the better.

Our Medical Departments

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Dr. James Smith
Dr. Gunter Roscoe
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With the dedication of our faculty and staff, we continue to strive for world-class excellence in our clinical and research endeavors with the Department of Medicine's commitment to Science Transforming Life.

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